Window Film

city-locksmith-southampton-window-filmAt city Locksmith and security Specialist we are able to supply and install security glass film protection (Window Film) to almost any size window.

While glass windows provide a functional benefit by opening up the outside world, they are also susceptible to various types of damage and breakage, whether by accident, natural hazard or criminal act. Safety & Security films offer added protection by holding glass together when facing a variety of hazardous situations.

Accidental Damage Protection
A variety of glass window accidents occur in the home every year; a stray baseball hits an unintended target, a lawnmower propels a rock, a toddler falls against a bay window. The installation of the proper safety film can keep these minor accidents from becoming a medical emergency.

Natural Hazard Protection
During hurricanes and tornadoes, safety research indicates that security film can save lives and reduce property damage by preventing flying objects from penetrating windows. Additionally, earthquake studies confirm that home or office structures that include security film can substantially reduce the hazard of flying and shattered glass, a major source of injury.

city-locksmith-southampton-window-film2Human Threat Protection
Unfortunately, crime and vandalism are a part of our everyday life. Personal safety and property are exposed to the expanding levels of risk associated with smash and grab robberies and other more dangerous illegal acts. Safety films provide a much-needed deterrent to vandals and thieves by holding glass panes in place preventing easy entry.

Once applied, this film will upgrade the glass to BS6260 Class B. (Health, Safety Regulation 1992 – and Regulation 14 1996)
Safety & Security Film is clear in colour and provides maximum light. The film also rejects 99% of UV rays, thus reducing fading of carpets, upholstery & fabrics.

The film, once fitted is totally resistant to moisture and condensation. It is also very durable and easy to clean.


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