Security Warning From Southampton Locksmith

Warning issued by City Locksmith Southampton

RESIDENTS in Southampton have been urged to ensure their doors and windows are locked while they enjoy hot weather this summer, to prevent burglaries.

Burglaries in Southampton between January and June were slightly lower this year compared to the same period in 2013, but many of the offences which were committed could have been avoided.

A Police spokesperson said “Thieves tend to be opportunistic and if they see an easy chance to get in to your house via an open window or an insecure door, they will take it.

“It is important that you make life as difficult as possible for criminals by bearing your home security in mind at all times. If you are going out into your garden to enjoy the warm weather, please take a few moments to ensure that you have closed all your windows and locked the door. In the short time it takes to secure your home, a thief could have been in and out with your possessions.”

City Locksmith Southampton

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