8am – 5.30pm £50
5.30pm-10pm £80
10pm-8am £120
We only use high security locks. These high security locks prevent lock snapping, lock drilling, lock picking and lock bumping. All these methods of entry are being used by burglars now. Using these high security locks YOU are protecting your family and your property.
Supply and replace existing mortise lock or equivalent  £130
Supply and replace existing cylinder lock or equivalent £80
Supply and replace existing euro lock or equivalent £80
Supply and replace existing night latch lock or equivalent £100
Parking post supply and fit £250
Letter box lock supply and fit £30
Smoke alarm supply and fit £40
 CO2 detector supply and fit £60
Padlock opening service P.O.A
Pickbuster applied to cylinder lock £10 per lock
Broken key removal £40
Supply and fit steel Security front door Free quote available
Glued lock cleared £30
Security check for home or business FREE
Supply and fit spyhole to front door £40
Supply and fit digital viewer spy/peep hole to front door £150
Security chain supplied and fitted £40
Supply and fit 2 security hinge bolts to door £40
Supply and fit 2 security key bolts to fire type door £40
Identity card entry slot supply and fit £80
Garage door defender supply and fit £250
Security grill supplied and fitted to window Free quote available
Window lock Jackloc supply and fit Free quote available
No go window security lock supply and fit Free quote available
Steel protective sheet supplied and fitted to existing door from £250
Please contact us for information and prices for opening any kind of lock which has not been mentioned. We do offer a number of other services which have not yet been listed. If you are in need of a service which you think we can perform for you which has not been listed please contact us.
We know that on most occasions when you may require one of our services that it may be at a difficult time or embarrassing situation such as you’ve lost your keys or locked yourself out. We don’t see the need to high light this fact. There for none of our vehicles are sign written. We are simply here to help you when you need us.
We accept payments via card, cash and paypal.  
Our technicians also have access to a number of items which can be sold to you to assist you if your personal security. These are items such as basic hand held panic alarms to farb gel the U.K legal self-defence spray. Ask your technician for more details.

Don’t delay, keep the burglars at bay, contact City Locksmith today.

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