city-locksmith-southampton-pickbuster-1STOP THE BURGLAR WITH PICKBUSTER

The method of using a bump key or skeleton type key to burgle houses is being used in your area now!

Using these modified skeleton type keys which are known as bump keys is simple. The burglar can use one of these modified keys, which anyone can purchase of the internet to get in to your home in seconds. Just take a couple of seconds and type “bump key” in to a search engine and you will see for yourself. Just nine different bump keys can grant the burglar access to over 95% of all properties in the U.K.

Watch video below for more information on lock bumping

If you have a key which is shaped like one which is pictured here…

your property is at risk. The locks which are vulnerable to bump keys are locks found on UPVC doors, French doors, garage doors and all Yale and cylinder type locks.

Pickbuster is a simple and economical solution to the problem of lock bumping. Pickbuster is a highly developed synthetic oil that once inserted in to the lock barrel will act as a shock absorber, just like with a car. This stops the burglars bump keys from opening the lock.

We are fully qualified installers of Pickbuster.
We can protect your home by treating all cylinder locks with Pickbuster, therefor making your home bump proof.
The cost of this service is just £10 per lock. A small price to pay for knowledge that your home is protected from this method of entry of which burglars are using in your area today.

Don’t delay, keep the burglars at bay, contact City Locksmith today.


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