No-Go Glass Lock

city-locksmith-southampton-no-goCity Locksmith and Security Specialist are the official installer on the No Go Glass Lock for Southampton and the surrounding area.

No-Go Glass Lock is a security device easily fitted to the glass panes of a double glazed unit that prevents unauthorised removal from the outside, but still allow removal of the glass unit when needed. Fully adjustable to fit any frame profile.

A visual deterrent
Burglars know how to gain entry through externally beaded windows; they also know that the No-Go Glass Lock makes it almost impossible to gain entry without smashing the glass. By fitting the NO-GO Glass Lock you are giving a strong visual deterrent to the burglar.

How to tell if your windows are internally or externally beaded
You can do this by simply looking at the windows. In externally beaded windows, the glass has been put in from the outside and is held in place by strips of plastic (the beads) which are clipped in place between the glass and the frame. Internally beaded windows are simply the opposite with beading on the inside.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is for a burglar to gain access through your externally beaded windows

Protect your vulnerable windows
Any externally beaded window or glazed door which can be easily reached should be secured using NO-GO Glass Locks. Windows on upper floors can be vulnerable if they can be reached from a flat roof or from a wall. Not just opening windows are vulnerable – all externally beaded glass panels can be easily removed.

Low Cost
The NO-GO Glass Lock is far cheaper than replacing your windows, having the glass removed and the glass “glued” back in or the cost of replacing stolen property.

Extremely Effective
The NO-GO Glass Lock passed BS7950 and is approved to secure by design standard. The bonding agent used on NO-GO Glass Lock is so strong that a window would break before the bonding agent failed.

Designed to match
The NO-GO Glass Lock has been designed to provide a visual deterrent, but it has also been designed to match your frames and fittings. NO-GO Glass Locks are available in white, brown, gold, antique brass, chrome and brushed steel effect.

The NO-GO Glass Lock is so secure that we will refund all your money spent with us if a window pane secured by NO-GO Glass Locks is removed by an intruder without the glass being smashed, provided it has been fitted in accordance with our instructions.

Cheaper Insurance
Using NO-GO Glass Locks or any other security measures could reduce your insurance premiums. Speak to your insurance company and ask them for details.
Don’t delay, keep the burglars at bay, contact City Locksmith today.

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